Mission Statement

Tunas Mekar, Inc. is a State of Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer, community organization which has a mission to: learn and perform the traditional and new orchestral music of Bali, Indonesia and offer a cultural exchange about the unique island of Bali with the schools, institutions on the arts and the general public.

The objectives established by Tunas Mekar as it relates to our mission include:

  • to maintain a community orchestra which will learn by rote and perform the gamelan (orchestral) music of Bali
  • to encourage participation in the orchestra by persons of different backgrounds and abilities who want to enjoy a quality of life in America similar to the village people of Bali and who actively cooperate in unity and as friends toward joint artistic achievements
  • to demonstrate the value of tradition and culture as an outreach organization to the community; to collaborate with other cultural organizations to propagate the diversity of the world’s musics and cultures
  • to educate youth in the arts, especially in the music of Bali
  • to compose new music based on a knowledge of the traditional and new musical styles of Bali, and
  • to enhance the spirit of community and to participate in cultural exchanges through informal social gatherings.