Mission Statement

Tunas Mekar, Inc. is a State of Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer, community organization which has a mission to: learn, experience, and perform the cultural traditions and arts of Bali, Indonesia and offer community engagement through education.

The objectives established by Tunas Mekar as it relates to our mission include:

  • to maintain a community ensemble which will learn and perform the arts of Bali
  • to foster inclusive participation in the organization for people of all backgrounds and abilities
  • to encourage social interactions modeled on those in Bali
  • to demonstrate the value of tradition and culture as an outreach organization to the community
  • to collaborate with individuals and cultural organizations toward propagating the diversity of the world’s arts and cultures
  • to educate youth in Balinese arts
  • to create and perform new art based on a knowledge of the traditional and new arts of Bali
  • to foster reverence and respect for Balinese culture and tradition
  • to enhance the spirit of community and to reciprocate the cultural ideals of Balinese artistic idioms
  • to participate in cultural exchanges through informal social gatherings and joint artistic achievements.