Music & Dance of Bali @ Dazzle

Thursday, November 29, 7 PM 

1512 Curtis St. Denver, CO 80202
(303) 839-5100

gamelan tunas mekar

Join us on November 29 for a DAZZLING display of virtuoso percussion, gongs, drums, flutes, tuned bronze and, of course, Balinese dance

Tunas Mekar will rock out to new and traditional tunes performed with the gamelan angklung instruments including “Panyembrama” welcome dance, “Margapati” (Hungry Tiger) dance, and the popular social dance “Joged”. Also on the program are modern compositions including Pak Made “Singga Natha”, Kendall Burk’s “Kayu Sakti” and more. With guest dancers Ni Ketut Marni and Putu Indira Sandika.

Bring the whole family to this early evening event, priced for families and friends.

Under the direction of Artist-in-Residence I Made Lasmawan and Ni Ketut Marni.