• American Gamelan Institute — THE resource of gamelan ensembles around the US, Canada and beyond. Also, general gamelan info, a list of groups in the Netherlands and discussion list. Frequently updated. A must!
  • Gamelan Sekar Jaya — The acclaimed community ensemble based in El Cerrito, California.
  • Bali & Beyond — An LA-based performing arts ensemble inspired by the cultures of Indonesia. Concerts, education, merchandise, streaming audio and quick-time movies. A must!
  • Batik ‘n Craft – A collection of beautifully handmade batiks and other Indonesian arts such as wayang, home decors, souvenirs, and more. Located in Colorado, USA.
  •, Bali & Indonesia on the net — Hotels, food, money, culture, geography, nature, links, photos and more.
  • <Indonesian Homepage — General information, travel, on-line business, hyper pages, culture, science, sports, books, photos and much, much more.
  • ARCINDA (The Arts and Culture of Indonesia) — Is a non-profit organization, under which several Indonesian Performing Arts Groups will present. Arcinda Non-Profit status under 501 (c)(3).